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Javier Calderon Wine Coach

When Two Are Better Than One

Touring Napa with Javier Calderon X 2 A couple of weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to scout several wineries with a commonality that made our hearts smile and our mouths water. In an effort to design upgraded tours for wine buyers with significant libraries we visited wineries where Phillipe Melka is their wine […]

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Thanksgiving in Napa

Dine & Wine in Napa for Thanksgiving

With the turning of the calendar pages from October to November, Thanksgiving is fast approaching! While some celebrating the holiday may prefer hunkering down at home with plenty of food on the table and football on the TV, others may enjoy taking the opportunity for a special adventure with family or friends. We think the […]

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Napa Wineries or Wine Lovers

Four Napa Wineries for Art Lovers

A common theme amongst California winery owners is a mutual love and respect of art. In fact, many Napa wineries do a fantastic job displaying art in a multitude of unique forms from both local and national artists. These wine-makers, artisans of a different kind, often see their own creation as art, and the art […]

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Organic Wine in Napa

Wine and Organic Labeling: Everything You Need to Know

Once you become a wine drinker, you’re immediately bombarded with a ton of terminology. Add to the list a growing interest in organic labeling and there’s even MORE to sort through! There are wines that have been certified organic, wines made with organic grapes, conventional wines, biodynamic wines…it can start to get confusing. Luckily, we’re […]

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