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Co-founder and Director of StrategyJavier Hernandéz, Co-Founder

Napa Private Tours Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Javier Hernandéz, is well-known and loved by everyone in the wine industry. Chances are you will not meet Javier in person during your tour, but every detail that makes your experience special and seamless is the result of Javier’s exquisite taste and superior organizational skills.

Javier’s background in finance has proven indispensable in remaining fiscally responsible and managing unprecedented growth. Javier takes a consultative approach to everything Napa Private Tours does and ensures everyone is on the same page and ready to deliver memorable experiences that will change the way every guest perceives wine tourism.

For the last seven years Javier has worked tirelessly alongside Javy in order to realize their common dream to own and operate the best boutique wine tour company in Napa & Sonoma valleys.

From inception, Javier has infused the business with the highest levels of energy and personal creativity. His goal is to make sure Napa Private Tours is a distinctive wine tour operator that lives up to our reputation.

Javier is also tasked with corporate accounts and scouts new wineries making sure the ones included in NPT’s tour program exceed every marker of excellence. In fact, he has forged strong relationships with some of the most coveted wineries in Napa, resulting in exclusive access and VIP privileges to Napa Private Tours guests.

On his free time, Javier enjoys high-end fashion, literature and exploring new culinary experiences.

If your winery is interested in being part of NPT’s choice partners, please don’t hesitate to contact Javier via email at javier.hernandez@napaprivatetours.com