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Amizetta Estate Winery – A Place Where Friendship Grows

As a premier provider of luxury transportation and concierge services in Napa we don’t take our responsibilities lightly. We go above and beyond by constantly scouting new wineries, tasting new vintages and finding locations so picturesque your Instagram and your heart will never be able to erase it.

Amizetta Estate is one of those places that you must add to your Napa Valley wineries bucket list. Within it, you will find superior wines, flawless hospitality but most importantly you will find committed wine professionals that want you to be family and will treat you as such.

Amizetta vineyards are planted in rugged mountainous terrain providing the grapes with unique micro climates where sun exposure, terroir and humidity come together and produce magical and memorable wines. These beautiful Napa wines are lovingly kept in their caves built within the mountain that the Clark’s call home. Amizetta has been producing wines since 1984; Over 30 years of experience truly shows in the flavors and complexities of their offering.

The Clarks infuse all that they do with Texas-sized heart and hospitality. When we include Amizetta to your wine itinerary you can rest assured you are in for something you will never forget!

Their lovely wines are only available by allocation to their members. This is definitively a relationship worth having if you are a true wine connoisseur.

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