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Cervantes Family Vineyards – Where Conviviality, Character & Cheerfulness Will Always Fill Your Cup

I am by no means a storyteller. The written word does not come easy to me. I hesitate, fearing that my words are too simple or scarce to describe the beauty of the places and people that have crossed my path here in Napa. But once in a while, the grandeur in beauty and hospitality offered by partner vintners forces me to find words to give you at least a glimpse of what awaits. This is the case with Cervantes Family Vineyards.

The Last Frontier – Beauty Unspoiled

Cervantes Winery is nestled in the far Eastern corner of Napa Valley, and surrounded by the Cedar Roughs Wilderness natural park; it sits on 1,100 acres of absolute serenity and prepossessing qualities right in the heart of Pope Valley (you read me right 1,100 acres! Grand does not begin to describe the place). It is certainly the road less traveled but worth every mile of uphill driving. This place is the next great AVA in the making. The terroir is delightful;  endless microclimates facilitated by the rich topography and access to morning and evening dew from both the coast and nearby lake Berryessa give birth to outstanding fruit. Blue oaks, tanoaks, dogwood trees,olives and pines line the hillsides framing impeccably managed vineyards featuring the most delightful Cabernet Sauvignon vines. 

More Than Just a Winery

In its nascent stage, much of the land is not yet developed offering tremendous potential for growth but also the opportunity to delight in the ruggedness and sublime beauty of the land. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of their beautiful Quarter horses roaming freely taking advantage of the expansiveness of the property.

This image was captured by Raphael Macek and is available for purchase in the Founder’s Store at Cervantes Family Vineyards

A Glass Filled to the Brim

At Cervantes Family Vineyards there is no stuffiness, no pretense, no showing off. What you will find instead, is sincere and generous hospitality that keeps your glass full and your soul content. A place to hang your hat where you will quickly become an honorary member of the family. This is the very essence and allure of this winery and that is why I am compelled to tell you about it. 

Top-Notch Wines

As for their wines, they are nothing short of magical. Andy Erickson, working side-by-side with Xavier and Jeronimo are constantly delivering gorgeous and complex Cabernets with tremendous potential as they age. Many wine collectors around the world have made it a point to include Cervantes in their wine libraries.

In Their Own Words

Next time you are in town, let’s make time to head to Cervantes. You will not regret it.

Always looking out for your next adventure,


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