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Making The Most of Your January Vacation in Napa


Credit: Jericho Canyon

Hi Javy,

We are planning on visiting San Francisco and heading to Napa for a day to enjoy some wineries with the help of one of your wine coaches. I was wondering if you could help us pick a few wineries that are best suited for cold days. This is our first winter wine tour and we are concerned about staying warm and truly enjoying the tasting experience. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to our visit.

Jacy & John


Hi Guys,

I am going to take the liberty to respond to your request in a public setting hoping that it can help others planning to visit Napa during low season. Today as I was driving into the valley I could not help it but wonder at the beauty of the fog just lifting and the light softly reflecting on rain droplets. When you visit we probably want to stay away from lighter wines and focus on beautiful and rich flavors that warm both body and soul. We also want to head to wineries where we stand a good chance of visiting with the owner or wine maker so we can go beyond tasting and into conversations that build upon your already nuanced wine knowledge.

You may think that the landscape is fully dormant but the truth is that there is much life exploding in ways that surprise. The mustard has started to blossom and we have spotted sheep already hard at work prepping the land. Don’t forget your camera.


Seeking opportunities others overlooked, Darioush and Steve focused intently on site selection and cooler microclimates in Southern Napa Valley; high atop Mount Veeder and the maritime-influenced Valley floor. Replanting where necessary to unlock the full potential of both the vineyard and wine grape cultivated from it. They committed to a Bordeaux-style of winemaking – a blended style they long admired for the potential to truly express a wine’s character (Except from their website because I don’t have words beautiful enough to describe their efforts and style). Heading to this winery is like a mini European vacation. Their tasting room is nothing less than magical and I think you will totally love their Duel blend.


Because there is nothing better than being treated like family. Fontanella is seductive all year long and their ability to pair their wines with gorgeous small bites is the stuff culinary dreams are made of. To add to the cool factor Fontanella was just featured in the latest Tom Clancy novel, True Faith & Allegiance. Talk about having a story to tell.

Ehlers Estate

Because they are lovely and loving and have a way about them that makes you feel like you belong. Their wine is beautiful inside and out with bottles that make you feel like you are constantly luxuriating. Did I mention they make a cab franc to die for?

Jericho Canyon

The views are amazing, the wine utterly seductive and their tasting room so very welcoming. Did I mention their lovely cave? Our own wine collection has a few bottles of Chimera, their proprietary blend.

We can’t wait to host you,

Javy & Team

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