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Napa Valley Marathon is Around the Corner!

On March 1st runners from around the world will meet in Napa to partake on the 37th annual Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon. We can’t wait to host you and cheer you on!


The Napa Valley Marathon is a fantastic run for beginners with a course that will take the runner from 380 feet above sea level to 80 feet above sea level at the finish line. The first six miles have rolling hills allowing for the best of your energy to be expressed at the start of the race.

The start line is in Calistoga and you can expect to have aid stations every two to 2.5 miles. You have a maximum of six hours to finish the race with the timing officials present at the finish line until 1.00 P.M.

We are sad to inform you that aid stations will not be offering wine. If you want to participate in a marathon with wine stations why not plan to start training now and head to France to run in the Marathon du Medoc. This is also a great event for beginners with the extra added fun of dressing up and getting to taste wonderful wine at each of the “aid stations.”

If you are coming to cheer on friends or family please remember that the first 12 miles of this race is a closed course. For your best experience use SR-29 for driving purposes and consider all roads leading to the Silverado Trail to be dead ends.

Let us know if you would like for us to arrange for a post-marathon wine tour the day after. We would love to host you.

Happy Running



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