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Should I visit Napa & Sonoma For Wine & Food Tasting in December?

You checked on Kayak and airfare to the Bay Area is a total steal. A good deal, combined with a desperate need to abandon the frigid cold of the North has you dreaming of Napa & Sonoma. If this is you, we absolutely want to be your wine host. But before you pack your bags let’s talk about the question that every wine aficionado is asking:

Is Napa Worth My Time After The 2017 Fires?

Absolutely! Allow me to dispel a few myths while you pack your suitcase:

  • There are contaminants in the air: Air pollutants are no longer present in the air. Our mornings are foggy with beautiful dew and the fragrance of wet soil.
  • Many of my favorite wineries were burned during the fires: Across all wine producing AVAs in California only three wineries were destroyed fully, Signorello, Paradise Ridge and Frey Vineyards in Mendocino.
  • Lodging is scarce: Not at all! We can help you in locating beautiful accommodations from private villas to highly coveted hotels throughout the region
  • The 2017 vintage is ruined: Not at all. Providence had appointed for more than 90% of the harvest to be completed prior to the fires. While you won’t get to taste it just yet you can rest assured it will be a memorable vintage year.
  • The landscape is ugly and charred: Many of the most iconic wineries did not suffer any damage. As the winter approaches you can expect to see dormant beauty of deep green cover crops guarding the soil and the poetic elegance of twisted vines waiting to regain life in the spring.
  • Culinary options will be limited: Our region is not only about wine. We are home to dining venues rated as best in the world. Not a single one of the restaurants in our preferred list was impacted by the fires.

What to do When Visiting Napa & Sonoma in The Winter?

In December you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of festivals and seasonal activities. In addition winter wine tasting can be peculiarly romantic.  During this season of calm you can embrace the following:

  • Wine tastings with pairings. Slow food accompanied by the perfect wine is nothing short of magical during the winter. We can select wineries with a culinary experience to allow you to fully capture the beauty of winter.
  • Spend time outdoors. Napa is never so cold as to hinder a walk among the vineyards. Bring your winter boots and hold the hand of your beloved as your explore rolling hills covered with centenary wines.
  • Sit by the fire: Many tasting rooms light their fireplace setting the stage for placid and warm chatter with friends. Bring a shawl and delight in some of the most beautiful architecture and interior design in California.
  • Enjoy High End Spa Services: What better way to end a day of food and wine. Book a massage or a mud bath and give yourself the gift of rejuvenation.

We can’t wait to host you. At Napa Private Tours we take pride in creating customer-focused curated experiences that inspire. We are one of the top-rated concierge style wine touring company consistently ranking among the top 10 things to do in Napa and Sonoma.



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