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Ten Things You Should Expect From a Wine Tasting Tour in Napa

Luxury Wine Experience Napa

As we approach harvest time our phones are ringing off the hook. When our schedule and fleet capacity permits, we are making every effort to accommodate as many guests as possible. Our goal is to allow as many wine lovers as we possibly can to experience Napa like never before. Unfortunately, our capacity is finite, and on occasion we are forced to refer guests to wine tour partners or simply decline when your preferred dates are not available. If this is your first visit to Napa Valley and you had wanted to book with us to have a trusted concierge, don’t be discouraged. Here is a list of the must-have characteristics of a great wine tour company. Use it to help you identify an alternate vendor here in Napa or in other wine regions around the world.

  1. Top wine tasting tour companies learn about your likes and dislikes before giving you a proposed itinerary.
  2. The best wine tour operators in Napa will take you to wineries whose focus is excellence instead of volume.
  3. A wine tour host is known by name. Check reviews on places like TripAdvisor and ask for a host by name. A tour host must be more than just a driver.
  4. Your wine tour should be planned around palate exploration, allowing you to discover new treasures.
  5. A high quality wine tasting tour company helps wine collectors connect with wineries that will add sophistication & variety to their private cellars.
  6. A well-connected wine tour host knows Napa inside and out and is able to introduce you to wine makers and winery owners, and can help you expand your wine network.
  7. A great wine tour is all about the details. Look for companies that offer personalized service.
  8. The top wine tour operators will make you want to come to Napa again and again.
  9. A star wine tour host knows about wine from the vine to the barrel and beyond.
  10. The most coveted wine tasting tour companies are small to medium size and focus on quality instead of quantity.

If we didn’t have the pleasure of serving you this time around, we hope to have the opportunity in the future. There is lots more to discover here in the Napa wine country!

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