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Organic Wine in Napa

Wine and Organic Labeling: Everything You Need to Know

Once you become a wine drinker, you’re immediately bombarded with a ton of terminology. Add to the list a growing interest in organic labeling and there’s even MORE to sort through! There are wines that have been certified organic, wines made with organic grapes, conventional wines, biodynamic wines…it can start to get confusing. Luckily, we’re […]

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Drip Irrigation in Napa

How Does the Drought Affect Wine Production in Napa?

We are glad you asked! While some of our favorite guests are dealing with the aftermath of torrential record-breaking rains in Texas and Oklahoma here at home we continue to struggle with drought. Changes to global temperature are expected to affect wine regions by creating microclimates that are production-friendly in areas where grape-growing was never […]

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Pruning the Vine

The Art & Science of Pruning The Vine

The grapevine is a climbing plant that originally grew in trees. Left to its own devices, it tends to grow horizontally, because the first buds to burst are generally the ones at the very end of the cane tips. The vines should therefore always be pruned, to counter the tendency of rampant growth; otherwise, it […]

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What are Those Yellow Flowers on Napa’s Vineyards?

We are glad you asked. About ninety days after the last of fall rains mustard plants push through the dormant vineyard floors and adorn our beautiful valley with one of the most seductive visual displays ever. Mustard crops serve as a biofumigator by suppressing various soil-borne pests and diseases through naturally occurring compounds. In short, […]

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