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How Much Should I Spend on a Wine When Heading to a Dinner Party?

Dinner Party Wine Etiquette It seems nowadays wine has become the hostess gift of choice. This is particularly true when your social circle deeply enjoys food. Wine etiquette is always evolving. What worked ten years ago may no longer be true. If you have been wondering about the basics of wine etiquette when heading to a dinner party don’t wonder any longer. Curious to find out more about the topic I reached out to various socialites, foodies and chefs and thanks to their insights I can give you some general guidelines to answer the most common questions on the topic of dinner party wine etiquette. Grab your favorite glass of Cab as we explore what it takes to get it right, and gain the admiration of your host or hostess.

How Much Should I Spend on Wine When Heading to a Dinner Party?

This question has a ton of variables but as a general rule of thumb  you want to spend at least 1/5 of the costs associated with the food offered by the host but no less than $20 per bottle.

How Much Wine Should I Bring?

Deciding on how much wine to bring along can be tricky. If you are heading to a dinner party with 12 or more guests you should be fine bringing just one bottle. After all, your wine is a token of appreciation for the host and not necessarily the sole source of refreshment for the evening. On the other hand if you are attending a smaller and more intimate party and you are privy to the drinking patterns of those in attendance you may want to splurge and bring a second or third bottle.

Should the Wine I Bring Be a Sound Pairing for the Menu Offered by the Host?

No, your wine is primarily a token of appreciation for the host. No need to pair.

What if I Don’t Know The Wine Preferences of the Host?

There are plenty of ways to go about this question. You can do a little research by taking a look at their social media or asking if they engage on Apps like Vivino. If you are close to the host don’t be shy, go ahead and ask. If these options are not available to you the best and safest bet is to bring a bottle of white and one of red of a highly rated wine.

How Do I Go About Selecting a Wine That Will Delight my Host?

If you want to go the extra mile the best approach to bringing wine as a hostess gift is to maintain a wine collection that includes bottles not normally available in the local market. This can be achieved by shopping in small production wineries or joining wine clubs from wineries that do not distribute at a national level. As always, it is a good idea to do your homework and make certain you are bringing a well-rated wine.

How Do I Pack The Wine for my Host?

There are beautiful ways to present your wine to a host. At a minimum you should tie a little ribbon. When possible use an artisanal wine bag or gift your host with a cute wine carrier. When transporting wine always remember to manage temperatures and don’t leave the wine in your car during hot days.


Next week I will be sharing some ideas on what it takes to bring the right wine to the ever-important business dinner. Until then, cheers to you and yours. We can’t wait to host you again.


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