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Javier Calderon Wine Coach

When Two Are Better Than One

Touring Napa with Javier Calderon X 2 A couple of weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to scout several wineries with a commonality that made our hearts smile and our mouths water. In an effort to design upgraded tours for wine buyers with significant libraries we visited wineries where Phillipe Melka is their wine […]

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Best Wine Tours in Napa

Best Wine Tours in Napa?

We are surprised by number of wine tour operators and travel organizations that claim to know who is the best wine tour in Napa. To us a single wine tour cannot be qualified as the best mainly because we don’t believe in cookie cutter wine tours. Food & Wine ran an article featuring a collection […]

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wine pairings for Thanksgiving

Pairing Your Thanksgiving Meal With Napa’s Best Wines

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we wanted to pause and take a moment to help our friends and clients maximize their wine collection and present the best possible wine pairings for their Thanksgiving  guests. We realize that every family has different culinary traditions and flavors can vary based on your geographical region or ethnic […]

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Rose Wines From Napa

Rosé for Wine Collectors: An Insider’s Guide

Talking about rosé wines is most likely to happen at the very start of summer when culinary experts begin pairing their menus with light and refreshing wines best enjoyed al fresco. At Napa Private Tours we march to a different drummer and today as summer comes to a closing and days are shorter we want […]

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