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Corporate Entertaining In Napa-The Golf Alternative for Smart Executives

As key executive roles have become more diverse as far as gender, ethnicity and background, certain traditional activities associated with corporate entertaining have had to evolve in order to become more inclusive and provide a social setting that is pleasant, safe conducive to bonding and friendly to conversations & negotiations.



If you are faced with the need to entertain a small to medium group with diverse individuals and you want to avoid embarrassing faux pas it would smart to select an activity that all participants can enjoy regardless of age, gender, training, language, culture of fitness level. Only 9.6% of the total U.S. population plays golf. Out of this group over 75% are males. If you are planning to entertain a client or group of clients consider an executive wine tour in Napa as a friendly and inclusive alternative.


Quick Learning Curve

Wine tasting is sophisticated but not complicated. Participants need not to be enologists to joyfully engage in a wine tasting experience. If the participants have never visited wineries with a few quick tips from our concierges they will be ready to fully enjoy the experience.



Just like golf the pace of wine tasting tours is calmed and provides many quiet and private settings where executives can conduct business in a relaxed fashion that allows for strong relationship building.


Napa Private Tours intentionally selects the roads less traveled to provide executive visitors with a scenic experience while allowing for leisurely conversation in our luxury fleet.


Comfortable & Inclusive

When it comes to wine tasting and Napa Valley touring everyone is a winner. In contrast to golf those participating need not to be concerned with refining their game or afraid of the embarrassment of a poorly played game. For those hosting international clients there is the added advantage of not imposing as far as the need to bring equipment or dress with specialized sports gear.


Customized & Strategic

At Napa Private Tours we specialize in creating custom itineraries aimed at helping you achieve your business and leisure goals. In tandem with your concierge we can design a trip that allows sufficient driving time between wineries to facilitate business discussions in transit. In addition to well-planned itineraries we can help you select culinary jewels that are business friendly with wonderful quiet spots to chat at your leisure and technology to support your event such as Wi-Fi and access to outlets to charge your gadgets.

Still Want to Golf?

If you are certain everyone in your group knows and enjoys a good round of golf we can help you make arrangements. Just ask


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