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Offseason Oenophiles-Outsmarting the Crowds in Napa Valley

Something magical and unique happens in Napa as the vines sleep. From November to April when the crowds have parted ways and nature gives way to winter repose, Napa Valley won’t go fully dormant. Our beautiful valley awakens gently to show travelers unique and slow-paced beauty as it displays the art of wine making.
Napa in November

Consider adding these gems to your itinerary:

  • Llamas Winery
  • Fontanella
  • Ceja
  • Jarvis
  • Bolen
  • Viader
  • Ehlers
  • Anomaly
  • Gamble Family
  • Clif Lade
  • Frias
  • Jericho Canyon
  • Judds Hill
  • Keever
  • James Cole
  • Failla
  • Dancing Hares Vineyard
  • 7 & 8
  • Vice Verse
  • Spring Mountain
  • Pride

*This list is not all-inclusive, we will be sharing many other exquisite and unique wineries with you in the near future.

Head to Napa without hesitation knowing that the weather will be mild, the travel experiences personalized and the price tag significantly lower. Many of the 750 wineries offer unique tasting experiences. It is not uncommon for winery staff & owners to be on-site and joyfully engage in conversation with their guests. During offseason we can create a customized wine-touring plan that caters to your taste nuances, or if you prefer we can take you on a wine journey of discovery that will challenge and delight your every sense.

Fall & Winter Wine Tasting Tours

Highly coveted restaurants are no longer out of reach and with some luck you might be able to secure reservations to culinary destinations that would otherwise be unrealistic during high season. Many of our guests have been able to cram every single restaurant in their Napa Valley bucket list in a single weekend. Dreamy indeed.


Allow us to recommend a few:



-Lucy at Bardessono


-Auberge du Soleil

-Sole Bar


-The Meadowood

-Goose and Gander



Lodging during offseason gives way to the unique opportunity to splurge and experience classics of hospitality, quaint B & B’s and boutique-hidden gems.  If you dare to lodge of-the-beaten path we know of a few listings on Airbnb that will surely set the stage for a lifetime of memories.

These are our favorite offseason lodging options:


Andaz napa

Candlelight inn (B&B)

Solage Auberge du Soleil

Finally, as you plan your Napa Valley wine escape here is a list of our favorite offseason festivals, which we share with you with one caveat. Lodging & services may not be the ultimate bargain but the fun & festivities fully make up for it making every penny spent absolutely worth it!


Napa Valley Film Festival

Flavors of Napa Valley


Christmas Parade in Napa


Napa Truffle Festival-The Westin Verasa Napa (January 17-20, 2014)


CabFestNV-Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater Napa (February 28 to March 2 2014)

Napa Valley Marathon-Marriott Hotel & Spa (March 2nd 2014)


Napa Valley Arts (April 1 to April 30 2014

Chiarello’s Bottega Gran Fondo Bottega Napa Valley (April 12 to 13 2014)

Let us take care of you with the highest levels of luxury, comfort and expertise.  Call us to book your personalized Napa wine tour.

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