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How to Purchase Napa Wines For Corporate Gifts

Gift giving can launch any business relationship to the next level. As the holiday season approaches many key executives allocate significant budgetsto corporate gifts and holiday corporate entertaining. What you gives speaks volume of the quality, character and potential of your business relations and for that reason alone you must take extreme care in selecting presents that match the stature of your clients.
wine gifts from Napa
The web has significantly dropped barriers of access and provides access to endless trinkets goodies and gifts at a very low cost. Due to this trend selecting a gift that is not easily purchased may just be the key to showing your clients how your organization has an eye for exclusivity. If your goal is to deliver a gift that opens doors and consolidates relationships consider coming to Napa to secure the finest limited edition direct purchase wines.

The Best Napa Wines Are Not Available at Local Wine Shops

Some of the most exclusive wineries limit their production and manage distribution from winery to consumer. These wineries make their wines available exclusively to their club members who receive early notification regarding availability as well as priority in purchasing the wine if they belong to higher tiers such as platinum or presidential level.

The Best Napa Wines Can Be Customized for Your Brand

Many of the lead wineries are willing to work with you and design labeling that best represents your brand and corporate objective. Your logo in tandem with the best that Napa Valley has to offer will without question deliver a great first impression and create ultimate synergy.

The Best Napa Wines Can be Combined into Memorable Gift Baskets or Trios

Don’t limit yourself to a single winery. With the help of a wine buying professional from NPT you can assemble beautiful wine gifts that incorporate the best wines from top boutique wineries. Your gift of Napa wine will standout as a toughtful present that can’t be duplicated.

The Best of Napa Wines for Corporate Gifting Requires Planning

Be ahead of the game by coming to Napa early and purchasing limited edition cases of the best wines from each vintage. By buying limited editions you will have the confidence of a priceless gift that is certainly not run of the mill. We also work with several vendors and can help you create combined gifts with other Napa gourmet products such as olive oil.

How Much Should You Spend in a Wine Corporate Gift?

How much you spend is fully your decision based on your gifting budget. We recommend that you create tiers and select the wine gifts based on the overall business value of the relation. As a rule of thumb a gift should be equal to about one to four hours of income of the party receiving the gift. For doctors for example the value of the gift can range from $100 to $1,000. Special consideration should be made when gifting CEOs and COOs.

How Should I have my Wine Gift Delivered?

If you have tiered your wine gifts based on the value of the business relationship it is essential that the gift is not distributed at a public event where differences in pricing may result in a social faux pas. Napa Private Tours in tandem with our partner wineries can help you coordinate shipping to the final recipient of the wine gift.

When Should my clients receive their wine gift?

Anytime after December 1st but before December 24 is a great time for your clients to receive their wine gift.

How do I make sure I pick a wine that will satisfy and impress my client?

Our wine coaches can point you to the best wines for gifting. Additionally, when in doubt we highly suggest gifting clients a wine trio that includes a white, a red and a sparkling wine. By sending a trio you can make certain your client will enjoy at least one of three of the wines selected.

How do I make sure my gifting is inclusive of our client’s beliefs during the holiday season?

Our shippers normally use neutral wrapping for your wine gift. To personalize the gift we suggest you include a color and theme neutral card with your logo or on your personal letterhead wishing your client the happiest holiday season.

Who Should Receive a Corporate Gift From Us?

Corporate wine gifts are gestures of appreciation for prior business and a way to further the relationship for future business opportunities. When creating your list of those due to receive a corporate gift of wine account for both past business and future potential and include clients and leads accordingly.
Napa Private Tours specializes in hosting corporate wine buying trips. Let us help you make the upcoming holiday season a true success. Should you want to entretain clients by inviting them to the most exclusive of wine tours do give us a call. We will make sure their experience is flawless, memorable and business-conducive.
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