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The Most Romantic Wineries in Napa

Valentine’s is just a few days away and we have been extra busy putting together romantic wine tours for many of our favorite repeat guests. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we are having curating wine options and locations conducive to intimate conversation.

As we look into the best wineries to visit with your partner our goal is to make certain everyone has fun and there are plenty of opportunities to create memories. We look at wineries through the lens of a camera and seek out characteristics like charm, privacy and superior wines.

During our scouting trips we have discovered more than 25 wineries to add to our list of most romantic wineries in Napa. Today, I want to take a few moments to highlight a few:

Donum Estate

Donum knows how to make you feel comfortable. Their tastings are almost always geared toward private parties and their ambiance is nothing short of glorious. Their sculpture garden is reminiscent of some wineries in Bordeaux.

Hourglass Winery

Architected by Olle Lumberg this winery is fluid and radically gorgeous. The structures appear to rise from the mountain in ways so natural one cannot distinguish where the winery ends and nature begins. Their tasting room feels organic and so representative of the heart of California wine country.

Amizetta Estate Winery

This fog-covered piece of heaven is the place where lovers should always steal a kiss. The views from the patio are expansive and utterly seductive. Once you arrive it is almost impossible to want to leave.

Davis Estates

If there was ever a tasting room where one might be tempted to bend a knee and ask for a girl’s hand in marriage, Davis Estates is it. Super romantic and as beautiful as their Merlot.

Our team of wine educators believes in year-round romance. If you are bringing your better half to Napa let us work the details. We are in the business of delivering the most luxurious and flawless wine tasting experiences in Napa and we take pride in what we do.

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