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Touring Napa & Sonoma Wine Country-When the Bites Meet the Sips


Daffodils and Tulips in bloom have begun to announce the arrival of spring in Napa and with it the visions of wonderfully romantic culinary experiences. If you love the outdoors this might be expressed in the form of a picnic. If instead you are a gourmand Napa has tremendous gastronomical treasures just waiting to be discovered.


Picnicking in Napa

At its very core Napa is a farming community and as such the focus remains production .For this reason, not every winery has a permit or the facilities suitable for picnicking. Having said that we have been able to scout and identify lovely wineries with picnic friendly facilities and wonderful libations to pair with your outdoor meal.



If you are just crossing the bay to enjoy a day in Napa you can bring along your favorites along with that lovely Longanberger picnic basket you received as a wedding present. If instead you arrived to wine country by plane there is no need to fret. At Napa Private Tours we want you to experience Napa and Sonoma to their fullest extent, and we can help you recreate a house-made gourmet picnic basket and all!



On request, our culinary team will put together carefully executed picnic baskets that take advantage of seasonal locally sourced items and match them to your personal taste. A picnic basket might include a cheese platter, assorted organic fruits, artisan chocolate and locally roasted nuts. If instead, you wish to enjoy the classic pleasures of a sandwich we have endless options. Our favorites include:



Mortadella. Salami, pickled cucumbers Dijon mustard and provolone cheese.


Six month Manchego, Serrano, garlic alioli micro greens and herb infused olive oil on crusty bread.


Turkey, avocado, Havarti cheese, butter lettuce & house-made Chipotle alioli.


If you have special dietary requirements we have what it takes to accommodate. Just give us your vision of a perfect picnic and we will do all the work.



While our concierge is best equipped to design a picnic-inclusive itinerary that matches your wine preferences we wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of our favorite wineries to enjoy your spread:




Ehlers estate


Pride Mountain

Rutherford hill



If dining al fresco is not your cup of tea, or the weather is simply not cooperating let our concierge help you secure reservations in some of the most magical must-taste stops for foodies visiting Napa. Here is a sampling of lovely Napa restaurants that we enjoy and recommend. Our concierge is often able to secure reservations at highly desirable restaurants with short notice. We are in the business of making your Napa dreams become a reality.


Oxbow market







Generally speaking Picnicking is far more efficient if your goal is to visit and enjoy the highest number of wineries in a single day. An itinerary with a picnic will allow you to conduct leisurely wine tasting in two locations during the morning with a casual picnic hosted in your second winery followed by two additional wineries. If instead you opt to have a lunch at a local restaurant most of our guest find that two morning wineries and one winery after lunch results in the perfect pacing to make your experience in Napa and Sonoma one that you will always remember.


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