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What is Better Than The Best Wine? The Friends With Whom We Share it. Martha Soledad Hernandez. You Are Our Galentine!

Sol, our very own Sol!

This love letter has been forming in our hearts for a very long time. Truth be told, more than a letter it should be a chapter book. More than a decade ago destiny placed a woman in our lives.Some of you might remember Bistro Sabor by Ariel Ceja where he would host super popular Salsa dancing nights. On a certain occasion his friend Sol drove from Oakland to check out the place and dance the night away. At that time I had recently completed my training as a wine educator at Ceja Vineyards. That same evening I decided to go for tacos at Ariel’s place. On my arrival my sweet friend Amelia spotted me right away and made it a point to introduce us. That was the start of a lovely evening of dancing and a friendship destined to last a lifetime. We have grown and evolved; a relationship that initially was all about having fun, has blossomed and I cannot count the ways in which Sol has impacted our personal and professional lives.  At the time the idea of dominating the market of hyper-luxury Napa wine tours was simply a dream. This dream which is now a reality is only possible because we had friends like Sol willing to dream with us.

Martha Hernández aka Sol has walked by our side for over a decade. Sol has been unwavering in her affections, loyal, encouraging and tender. Sol shows up, she is there, sleeves rolled up ready to do what it takes. Now, you may think that Sol is on our payroll but what makes her so special is that she is not. Her wisdom and expertise as a consultant has been given freely and unconditionally. Her encouragement and perspective is ever-present in everything we do.

Now you might wonder why my husband and I are setting our thoughts on paper and why there is so much flattery in our words. Here is the thing. No flattery in the world will ever fully express what she means to us and how she influences our personal lives and business.

Some of you know Sol and have learned to love her because she has a way about her that makes it impossible not to welcome her into your heart. If you happen to be among those that have not yet had the privilege of spending time with her, take a moment to visit her personal page

Sol is a singer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, mother but most importantly she is a friend. A friend that shows up. 


For all that you have been to us, and the many ways you have impacted our lives we want to thank you and remind you that again and again you will always be our Galentine.


The Javys 


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  1. Martha “Sol” February 13, 2022 at 8:32 pm #

    OMG, what an amazing surprise. I read this and I cried; you two are the my brothers. I love you so much and feel so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t wait to travel the world with you two and to continue having so much fun together. En las buenas y en las malas. Always!!!

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