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Luxury Wine Tours in Napa-How to Do it the Right Way

Luxury Wine Tours in Napa

On a regular basis we receive referrals from five star hotels in Napa looking for a transportation company that is able to handle VIP guests with discretion and flawless service. When it comes to marketing wine experiences we tend to agree with many critics that feel the word luxury is used way too frequently causing a great deal of dissapointment for wine buyers and collectors that are not only looking for the best and most exclusive wines but also seek out experiences that allow them to learn directly from winery owners, wine consultants and wine producers that truly take pride in every step of the art of wine making.

As we sat in our weekly meeting putting together wine tour itineraries for guests with superior appreciation of wine we had to challenge ourselves to deliver a true luxury experience in wine touring. Guests of such caliber are seeking opportunities to be the first to taste and purchase the finest wines that Napa has to offer and want to do so in a setting that is beautiful, conducive to full appreciation of each glass and intimate enough to understand what took place behind the scenes to make each wine possible. A wine after all, must always have a story.

While this list is not all-inclusive and does not take into account individual preferences of the more refined palate we wanted to share with you some of the wineries and restaurants we have included as part of the wine and dine touring plan for our VIPs.

Keep in mind some of the venues we are listing are in high demand and only cater to a limited number of guests by appointment only. For gastronomical experiences some of the restaurants we have listed are often fully booked up to 90 days in advance.

If you are hoping to have us craft a multi-day wine tour experience in Napa that includes some of the highlighted venues please plan to book in advance. We are highly relational with some of these partners and sometimes can take advantage of a last minute cancellation but we rather plan ahead to ensure you and your guests have a delightful experience and the opportunity to source some of the best wine in the world.

Vineyard 29

An absolute favorite of ours. If you love Pinot Noir consider adding a few cases of their 2011 vintage to your collection.

Dancing Hares Vineyard

A highly exclusive winery with superior wines that consistently rank among the best. Their level of hospitality during private wine tastings is simply the stuff dreams are made of.

Bure Family Wine

If you are planning on a multi-day luxury wine tour you might want to include Bure. There is some travel involved but you won’t regret it. The route is scenic and it will allow for you and your guests to engage in conversation and compare notes from prior tastings.

Constant Vineyard

Words cannot begin to describe the beauty and view from this boutique vineyard. Small in size but large in character their wines are so coveted you need to sign into a waiting list for future vintages.

Gastronomical Adventures

The culinary landscape in Napa is not only seductive is highly coveted and features both classical cuisine and chefs with the gift for culinary innovation. Among our top picks these restaurants stand out for excellence in service and perfection in execution.

The Restaurant at Meadowood

The written language cannot capture the magic at Meadowood. Most of you have read about it or heard your friends describe the seductive qualities of the cuisine offered by the Meadowood culinary team.


French Laundry

The brainchild of Chef Thomas Keller this culinary experience is essential to the bucket list of real foodies. A stop at French Laundry is an experience and not simply a meal.


Give us a call or email us to discuss your wine touring preferences and help you book a true luxury wine tour of Napa.


Javy, David & Jona


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