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Mario Bazán Cellars – Where Elegant Beauty Meets Sublime Flavors

We love rituals of beauty and we are passionate when it comes to perfection and nuance. Because marvelous wines is our thing we can’t help it but pause to celebrate Mario Bazán. You have probably heard about Mario. He has a story worth telling. A self-made man able to grow vines of marked quality. Mario is well versed in every facet of wine making. His experience in wine production is paramount. His wines are are laudable, complete and simply inspiring. His hands, mind and heart have shaped many of the Napa wines you have come to enjoy for almost 50 years.

When Less Is More

Bazán Cellars is a micro-producer. While Mario manages hundreds of acres for many highly coveted wineries his personal production is a gift available to a few lucky wine collectors. In contrast to mass-produced wines all of Mario’s wines are infused with dedication, intentionality and absolute craftsmanship. Together with his wife Gloria they are in the business of creating wines worthy of the most exclusive wine cellars.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stop by their new tasting room. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to sharing this gem with you. Like a freshly blossomed anemone the ambiance is intimate, delicate and aimed at gifting each visitor with tender and caring hospitality. Their goal is to deliver guest-focused tasting opportunities filled with tidbits of history and wine-making education. It takes someone like Mario to execute at this level.

We can’t wait to introduce you. Ask us to include Bazán Cellars next time we get to host your wine tasting trip to Napa, Sonoma and the surrounding California Wine Country,

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