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When Two Are Better Than One

Touring Napa with Javier Calderon X 2

A couple of weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to scout several wineries with a commonality that made our hearts smile and our mouths water. In an effort to design upgraded tours for wine buyers with significant libraries we visited wineries where Phillipe Melka is their wine maker. There are no words to describe the quality and beauty of the time we spent with some of the finest in Napa. At a later time I will share details of our experience and will give you some ideas on how we can help you design a wine tour and buying experience focused on specific wine makers.

For now, I wanted to pause for a moment to talk about my husband. If you have visited us in the last three years there is a good chance he was your host and that means that you most likely experienced touring perfection. Flako, as we all know him is obsessive about delivering the very best. He simply does not miss a beat.

The title of this post may have you wondering. You see, during our time visiting partners it was not uncommon for our winery hosts to raise their eyebrows when receiving our business cards. Here is the thing, Flako and I have many things in common but one of the most peculiar is the fact that we share first and last name. Yes, when you ask you be hosted by Javier Calderon you will be given two choices. Flako or I. We are both in love with Napa, passionate about wine and deeply in love with the idea of delivering the best possible Napa wine touring experience. But this post is not about me. This post is about Flako.

For years, all of us begged Flako to leave his 9 to 5 job in finance and join us. We knew that adding him to our team would be incredibly beneficial but we had no idea to what level. Three years ago he made the switch and we cannot begin to describe how his contributions positively impact our ability to deliver memory-making tours. His ample network has given us access to some of the most exclusive wineries in Napa. You see, Flako has a long history in the area and has throughout the years loved and served his community. His Rolodex is something to behold and a testament to his tender affection to all manner of people which has given us a golden key to many beautiful wine experiences in Napa that would be otherwise beyond our reach. He is for lack of a better word magical.

So wether you tour Javier Calderon or Javier Calderon 2.0 you can rest assured we will do everything in our power to feed your sense of discovery and adventure, delight your palate and make you, at least for a moment forget about the burdens and worries of this life by taking care of absolutely every detail.

Thank you for stopping by our page and taking time to hear me blab. I am deeply proud of my husband Flako and thank God every single day for the way he makes our little company twice as good.




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