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Wine Tours in Napa as a Corporate Incentive: The Next Best Thing

In the last decade California has shown a remarkable knack for coming out ahead in the race for large companies. During this time almost 40 new Fortune 500 companies mainly in the tech and biotech segments have headquartered in our state. These companies, in tandem with venture capital-funded startups demand laser focus and energy and time investments from all team members like we have never seen before. Lack of leisure time and high intensity routines create a need for work incentives that provide the highest level of enjoyment with the least stress and minimal travel. Napa Valley with 16 AVA’s and almost 800 wineries is an ad-hoc destination to reward productivity in the corporate context when time is of the essence.

Corporate Wine Tours

Napa Wine Tours Are Accessible & Flexible

For decades human resources leaders have used travel corporate incentives as part of the compensation model for best performers. Unfortunatly the traditional seven day trip is not necessarily aligned with high-intensity agile environments in the tech industry where key leaders might not be able to break loose from their responsibilities for more than a few days. A well planned wine tour provides the visitors with a well deserved respite in as little as one or two days.

For those with ever-changing schedules a wine tour can be scheduled with short notice and there is no need to book air travel. (Napa Valley is just under two hours from Silicon Valley).

Wine Tours Expand Cultural Copiousness

Corporate leaders in particular need to be able to engage clients, partners and social networks in a way that is polite, relevant and neutral. Wine is well loved and trendy topic suitable for social chatter in the corporate context. By providing your leaders the opportunity to become familiar with the best that California has to offer you equip them with great conversation starters that show a good grasp of local culture and a superior way to show California style hospitality. We are partners with a number of wineries that host educational wine tastings designed to introduce professionals to wine pairings perfect for executives who are tasked with a great deal of client entertaining.


Wine Tours are Great for Team Building

Many traditional team building activities put a number of team members in awkward and embarrassing situations by asking for their participation in activities that require coordination, physical fitness or social engagement only suited for those who are highly extroverted. Wine tasting on the other hand does not put many demands nor demands skill-sets from those who get to enjoy it putting all team members on even ground and facilitating a more relaxed and social dialogue amongst each other which is conducive to bonding. We are able to host team building wine tasting groups for groups as large as 50.


The team and I have significant experience hosting wine experiences that will impress even the most demanding and well-versed wine aficionado. We also offer bulk gift certificates that can be used as corporate incentives and host corporate entertaining and corporate gift buying wine tours.

If you would like to discuss options with our corporate sales team please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us at concierge@napaprivatetours.com



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