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Pairing Your Thanksgiving Meal With Napa’s Best Wines

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we wanted to pause and take a moment to help our friends and clients maximize their wine collection and present the best possible wine pairings for their Thanksgiving  guests. We realize that every family has different culinary traditions and flavors can vary based on your geographical region or ethnic background. To cater to these differences we are highlighting wines likely to pair with a variety of cuisines and selected for their versatility and palate-pleasing flavors. Let’s head to the cellar together and pick a few of our best bottles. If these wineries are not yet part of your cellar repertoire please remind me to include them in your next wine tour.

wine pairings for Thanksgiving

Traditional Roasted Turkey

The very centerpiece of most Thanksgiving feasts deserves a wine that speaks of family tradition & love. Why not consider a Pinot Noir from Peter Michael. Sir Peter Michael is known for cultivating wonderful varietals that yield gorgeous wines. Consider Clos du Ciel or Le Moulin Rouge. You can learn more about Peter Michael Wines here.

Rosemary Infused Leg of Lamb

If you are planning to slow roast a beautiful leg of lamb you will need to pair your meal with a wine that is rich, complex and able to balance the landscape of flavors present in this dish. Red meats must be paired with the most beautiful of red wines. Consider pulling a couple of bottles of Favia Cabernet Sauvignon their 2011 limited production Cab will not disappoint.

Deep Fried Cajun Turkey

We could not help make this pairing for our dear friends living in the deep South. We love y’all and wish we could be there. The wonderful smell of rich spices and peanut oil is best paired with a Bure Sauvignon Blanc. Luc Morlet, a 4th generation wine maker does not disappoint.

Smoked Ham with Sweet Glaze

We adore how a well prepared smoked ham can make any Thanksgiving table complete. We are particularly fond of Benton’s Country Hams. If you have not yet tried one consider ordering one for Christmas. Our recommendation is that you pair your ham with a Rosé from Fleury Winery.

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

Can we say yum! If you have a baker at home consider yourself lucky. There is no better way to end a feast than by sharing a sweet delight. The creaminess and contrast of spices present in a Pumpkin cheesecake will be best paired with a Dolce from Far Niente. If you have not visited Far Niente please don’t let me forget to include it in your next tour. The grounds are pristine and picturesque  with postcard qualities. I am certain you will love it!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your friendship and patronage. The team and I are honored to host you and yours and make of every trip to Napa a unique adventure that will be remembered for years to come.

With Gratitude,






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