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Desparada Wines, A Love Letter to Paso Robles & All That Remains to Be Discovered

It has been unusually hot in Napa. The weather, combined with a busy touring season has tamed us into homebodies and we find ourselves frequently enjoying quiet summer evenings at home, resting and recharging. For us, that means late nights under the stars where we partake of lovely libations and vegetables from our garden, crudité style. 

Our cellars are abundant and varied, a testament to the many friends that have loved us throughout the years. The best of their harvests awaits for just the right occasion. Recently our lucky stars and a bit of serendipity led us to Vailia, winemaker of Desparada Wines in Paso Robles. It would take days to describe her aura, strength and beauty so I will skip that part; afterall it is my hope that you get to visit her and you can then personally experience the exuberance of her energy. Instead, I will focus on the magic and beauty of exploring the nuances resulting from fermentation of whites in a variety of vessels. Vailia gifted us with some of her masterpieces allowing us to have a side-by-side tasting that made our taste buds dance.  

Desparada Winery White Varietals

You see, Vailia’s winemaking style is playful and exploratory. Her wines push the limits and deliver radical beauty inside and out, the bottles and labels are insanely gorgeous and full of femininity. The wine is absolutely memorable. 

Now, let me tell you something:  The place where we rest and grow, defines our character. This is true to men as it is to wine. As my husband and I enjoyed each of the six wines featured in Desparada’s Summer Wine Collection we could not help it but be surprised by each sip. All but one of her Summer offerings are Sauvignon Blancs with the exception being a 2019 Chenin Blanc named Shell Creek; and here is where the magic begins. Cigare oak, Acacia, French Oak and even concrete serve as the resting place for her wine collection where they age sur lie under her watchful eye. The result: Delight, utter delight! I don’t even have the right words. 

While we have no plan to expand our touring operation to Paso Robles we feel we would be selfish not to tell you about this gem. When it comes to women winemakers, Vailia is a super star. We are 100% confident that you will find her wine worthy of your personal wine library. 

As I sat here scribbling these musings I reached out to Vailia and asked if we could do something extra for our customers. She came through with a surprising gift. If you are coveting her Summer collection please take advantage of a special 20% discount using coupon code NPT Please note that your wine won’t be shipped until environmental conditions are such that the integrity of the wine is fully preserved. For some of our friends in the south you may have to wait until November. I hear the temperatures in Texas, Florida and Louisiana are crazy  

Care to stock up with their red wines? Try Soothsayer or Pegasi from their Fall collection. Fully endorsed by me. I know you will love it.

Head here to learn more about Desparada Wines https://www.desparada.com




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