Say Hello to David James!

Please join me in welcoming David James to the Napa Private Tours wine concierge family! I am really happy to have him on board, and I think his knowledge and enthusiasm will be a great addition. He is a bright young man who has a great sense of the Napa Valley wine industry. He has […]

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St. Patrick’s Wine-Vinho Verde

At first glance you might think I am talking about an eco-friendly wine. In fact, many restaurants with organic and green practices have started to feature vinho verde in their menus. It might come as a surprise to most of you but my friends vinho verde is not necessarily “verde” in fact, vinho verde can […]

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The Anatomy of a Wine Label (Part I)

I buy my wines based on a pretty label! That was the first thing that my friend J said during a wine dinner she hosted for a few of us, her friends. Her comment was not surprising in light of J’s status as a newcomer to the world of wine. Curious to learn more about […]

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